SFS Trace

Bespoke traceability technology from Sea to Serving

Certified 100% Traceable Seafood

SFS Trace integrates with the supply chain to ensure transparency, mitigate fraud giving buyers peace of mind and end consumers the opportunity to discover the story of their fish.

Guarantee quality 

SFS Trace gives total supply chain traceability from producer information, health certificates, flight tracking to details of if and where it was processed.

Stop seafood fraud

SFS Trace tracks the entire chain from source to serving. Buyers receive certified provenance of their seafood product. 

Promote responsible sourcing

Buyers can display the SFS Trace certification and QR code to inform their end consumer that they’re eating a responsibly sourced, traceable, product.

Discover the story of your fish

Pass traceability to end consumers

See how it works

How SFS Trace works

Tracked at every step

By tracking every stage of the supply chain we aim to support the UN's agenda for 2030 and help to combat seafood fraud, over-fishing and unsustainable fishing practices.

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